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  • Global Vs Local Adjustments - Editing Philosophy

    In this chapter Peter covers one of his four core pillars of his editing philosophy. Learn why adjusting your images selectively and locally is so important to your editing outcomes in Lightroom or Photoshop.

  • White Balance - Peters Unique Technique

    White balance is something commonly understood by landscape photographers but the correct application of white balance has far-reaching consequences for good colour. Learn Peter's unique technique for identifying correct white balance at the outset and getting great colour in your images.

  • Controlling Your Highlights - Local Adjustment Technique

    Landscape photography means getting control of the core luminance values within your imagery. A bright highlight within a sky, a deep shadow in the foreground. Enjoy some of Peter's techniques for controlling those troublesome highlights within your skies.

We hope you enjoy some of your instructor Peter's images from around the world ..

All the core technical attributes of the software are covered from the basic panel through advanced techniques using range masks, brush tools, graduated filters, radial filters, and more. Expect to get all those technical benefits. But you can expect more from this course. You can expect to learn a new way of thinking about post-processing. This course is unique in that it goes beyond the 'HOW' we do things. It also delves deep into 'WHAT' you should do with your images. Full philosophy and workflow suitable for all levels. Simple Tools Powerful Outcomes has been specifically created for landscape photographers. It draws on Peter Gordon's extensive experience in the genre with an emphasis on creativity. Peter will teach you the tools he uses to get the most from his images in a simple and easy to digest structure and methodology. 33 Chapters. 5 Hours of Tuition. Online and Offline. Return to Any Lesson as Many Times as You Like. RAW files provided for the start to finish edits.

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