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Tired of head-spinning overly complicated post-processing tutorials? Let Peter teach you a range of easy to use tools with stunning results on the final finish of your landscape photographs. Lightroom user? Photoshop user? It doesnt matter ! The tutorials will be made available to you in both softwares but with just one price. By the end of the course, you will have a new philosophy to editing with more creativity, a framework to hone that creativity, and the technical skills to implement your vision.

All the core technical attributes of the software are covered from the basic panel through advanced techniques using range masks, brush tools, graduated filters, radial filters, and more. Expect to get all those technical benefits. But you can expect more from this course. You can expect to learn a new way of thinking about post-processing. This course is unique in that it goes beyond the 'HOW' we do things. It also delves deep into 'WHAT' you should do with your images. Full philosophy and workflow suitable for all levels. Simple Tools Powerful Outcomes has been specifically created for landscape photographers. It draws on Peter Gordon's extensive experience in the genre with an emphasis on creativity. Peter will teach you the tools he uses to get the most from his images in a simple and easy to digest structure and methodology. 33 Chapters. 5 Hours of Tuition. Online and Offline. Return to Any Lesson as Many Times as You Like. RAW files provided for the start to finish edits.

The Benefits

A quick summary of what you can expect from this online course.

  • An easy to understand workflow that takes your images to a whole new level

  • Learn an editing philosophy. This course covers the tools of the software but offers a much deeper look into editing as a creative idea.

  • Selective adjustments to maximise your editing potential. Brushes, Graduated Filters, Radial Filters, Range Masks and More.

  • Experienced instructor with well communicated ideas

  • 8 start to finish edits with RAW files included.

  • Watch as many times as you like.

  • Online/Offline

  • More thanks 5 hours of tutorials.

  • Lightroom and Photoshop Version for one price. Same topics covered in both interfaces.

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  • Introduction
  • How To Use This Course


  • Chapter 1 - Global VS Local Adjustments - Key Principle
  • Chapter 2 - Patience and Pacing - Go Slowly
  • Chapter 3 - Vision, Editing Styles and Lighting
  • Chapter 4 - Directionality 


  • Intro Bridge and Camera RAW
  • Chapter 1 - The Basic Panel
  • Chapter 2 - White Balance - The Basics
  • Chapter 3 - The Foundation of Great Colour - White Balance
  • Chapter 4 - Creative White Balance 
  • Chapter 5 - Chromatic Aberration / Lens Correction Filter
  • Chapter 6 - HSL Slider
  • Chapter 7 - Brush - Intro 
  • Chapter 8 - Graduated Tool 
  • Chapter 9 - Radial Filter 
  • Chapter 10 - Range Masking
  • Chapter 11 - Controlling Highlights Part 1
  • Chapter 12 - Controlling Highlights Part 2 
  • Chapter 13 - Controlling Shadows
  • Chapter 14 - Colour and Range Masks
  • Chapter 15 - Atmosphere and Depth - Technique and Tips 
  • Chapter 16 - HDR and Manual Blending
  • Chapter 17 - Manual Blending Photoshop
  • Chapter 18 - Object Removal


  • Introduction - Workflow Breakdown and Creatives
  • Chapter 1 - Details All Over - Part 1
  • Chapter 2 - Details All Over - Part 2
  • Chapter 3 - Dark and Moody Part 1
  • Chapter 4 - Dark and Moody Part 2
  • Chapter 5 - Dark and Moody Part 3
  • Chapter 6 - High Key - Part 1
  • Chapter 7 - High Key - Part 2
  • Chapter 8 - Black and White
  • Conclusion and Thanks

PART 1 will breakdown the philosophy of Peter’s approach to editing and explain a framework for a workflow that will dramatically improve your editing technique. A set of core ideas that informs everything Peter does in his workflow

PART 2 will deal with the actual tools Peter uses to implement his workflow. The technical and mechanical, from basic adjustments like the shadows and highlights sliders, contrast, etc, to more sophisticated tools like range masking, and advanced techniques Peter has developed over many years with gradients and brushes.

PART 3 is where technical and philosophical outlook meet. Peter will demonstrate a range of full edits and you will get the working files to practice along. Different moods from colourful and dramatic, moody, high key minimal and black and white.

Take Your Work to New Heights

Learn how to edit like Peter. New creative and technical skills that elevate your work to a new level.


It’s one of the best online courses I’ve seen on this subject area. The picture quality is superb. I love the software interface. Downloads were easy. Audio quality super. The pace of training really nice. All in all superb! John Roche

Rushed my way through all the videos on LR, now it’s time to go over them again…but in a more relaxed way. I really enjoyed them. I thought I had a decent knowledge of LR but you have given me a new insight. Well worth the money. Jim Kirby

I have just finished Peter’s online workshop. It was brilliant and I learned loads & loads. I have even got my head around the ‘range mask’ thing. Now I understand it. If you use Lightroom he shows you what all the buttons etc do. I even might try the manual blending in Photoshop !! It was the best money for photographic training I have spent in years. Now I hope I put into practice what I’ve learned. The great thing is I can go back to it anytime I need too. Thanks again Peter. Damian Doyle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I get the Photoshop or Lightroom online course?

    While the interface is different between Camera RAW or Lightroom they have essentially the same engine when it comes to the actual processing of the images. When you purchase the course you get both versions for just one price. If you are a total beginner we suggest learning the Lightroom. While Lightroom and Camera RAW have the same engine for editing Lightroom has additional functionality around photo organisation for example that might be of use when starting out. 

  • Can I rewatch the course?

    Yes, 100%. The course is yours for life and you can pause, rewatch, start again as many times as you like.

  • Can I watch the course offline?

    Yes. all videos can be downloaded for offline viewing. However, we have created a great interface that remembers your progress, contains files for download, and is really easy to use. As long as you are online there is no need to download the videos

  • Are files provided to work along with?

    Yes. We provide work along files for all chapters through section 2 and 3. In Section 3 when we are looking at the start to finish edits they are provided in RAW format.

European and Irish Professional Photographer of the Year

Peter Gordon - Your Online Instructor

Peter has been teaching landscape photography for more than 10 years. Throughout this period he has developed a skill for clear lines of communication, and workflows that have helped thousands of students take their work to new heights. The goal of his courses is not to just impart new technical skills but to also help students visualise outcomes. Creative thinking, not just sliders, and tech. Along this path, Peter has managed to pick up numerous awards including recent success at the IPA and also the International Pano Awards. Peter is also a former Irish and European Professional Photographer of the Year.

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