Perfect for Landscape Photographers - Work Along Files Provided

Begin the process of blending exposures together. Control dynamic range through a series of images when you're not able to keep the exposures in check with your filters.

Automated blending in Photoshop is covered as well as manual blending in Photoshop with layer masks. This is not an advanced course but is perfect for people that want to introduce blending into their workflow.

Course Curriculum

  • HDR and Maual Blending

  • Manual Blending

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Blending Exposures

Blending exposures is an essential skill for all landscape photographers. In the field we use graduated Lee ND filters wherever possible to achieve a single exposure but the reality is that the dynamic range is sometimes too wide and the dispersion of light too complicated to manage the image in one exposure. This is where blending exposures comes to the fore. In this course we will look at two introductory methods for blending exposures. First off we will example the automated blending methods within Lightroom and Camera RAW. We will also cover the basics of manually blending in Photoshop while also highlighting what situations it's necessary to blend and why. This course is perfect for people starting out with blending and should provide the ideal grounding to really take control of dynamic range in post processing.